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56 Self Storage Policies

Rent Payment Options and Policies:

Storage units are available for rent month to month, no long term contract required.


Rent for Storage Units is due 1st of each month.  

56 Self Storage does not accept PARTIAL PAYMENTS.    


First late fee will be applied to delinquent account at 9 am on the 6th of the month (this late fee varies depending on unit's rent).


An over lock will be placed on delinquent unit on the 6th, restricting access by renter to the delinquent unit.

Over lock will be removed when account is paid and any/all late fees are paid in full.

Second late fee will be applied to delinquent account at 9 am on the 21st of $12.00


Third late fee will be applied to delinquent account at 9 am on the last day of delinquent month of $25.00


Payment Options:


  • Pay online here - PAY NOW (Renter must have email address on account for this payment option).

  • Send check/money order via US Mail with name and unit # referenced on check/money order.

  • Drop payment through Mail Slot of Office front door at 56 Self Storage Center.

  • Call in a payment: M-F 9-5, Sat 9-3 (603)742-4422.

  • Set Up AUTO PAY which withdraws monthly rent electronically from debit or credit card on the first of each month..

  • Pre-Pay and receive discounts: 3 month pre-pay: 5% off each month, 6 month pre-pay: 10% off each month, 12 month pre-pay: 15% off each month.



NO FOOD stored in rental spaces whatsoever. No exceptions.

No Sleeping or staying over night in units whatsoever. This applies to BOTH: Warehouse Storage Units and Outdoor Garage Style Units. No exceptions.

56 Self Storage Center has a zero tolerance for use, purchase, sale or storage of any illegal drugs and or paraphernalia on the premises. 

No Exceptions. 

Possession, sale, purchase of aforementioned, will result in immediate eviction and possible prosecution.   

No flammable, hazardous, explosive, contraband items allowed in rental spaces.  No exceptions.

56 Self Storage Center has a strict no verbal or physical abuse policy regarding staff and customers. If needed, 56 Self Storage Center will call police to assist if anyone is behaving threateningly or abusively to staff or customers.

All children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on premises.

All Mattresses or Alike Items should be covered with plastic mattress covers or plastic. 

All items should be packed in plastic bins or plastic boxes. 

Furnishings should be free of dust and dirt before storing. 

All furniture should be covered w/ plastic, blankets or sheets while in storage.  


People riding the freight elevator is strictly prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS.



Renter must come to office or call and notify 56 Self Storage that Renter has vacated the rental space.

Failure to do so will result in loss of SECURITY DEPOSIT.  

Rental space will be inspected and must be empty and broom swept clean. 

Renter will confirm correct mailing address with office staff in order to receive Security Deposit Refund, if applicable, by US mail approx. 7-10 days from notifying office that rental space is vacated. 


AFTER HOURS POLICY: (Applies to Storage Units located in the 4 story Warehouse only.)

If after hours access needed, Renter must first speak with Manager on Duty to see if it can be arranged.


Charge for after hours access: $20.00 per hour or any part of hour outside of business hours.


NO MOVE IN or MOVE OUTS 45 minutes prior to the close of business. 


Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5, Sat 9-3. 


A charge of $20.00/hour will be applied to Renter’s account for any part of an hour(s) after close of business. An over lock will be placed on Renter's rental space until charge is paid.  



 Carry In Carry Out Policy Strictly Enforced.


Anyone observed using dumpster or leaving trash near dumpster or anywhere on premises will be charged a $30.00 fee. 24/7/365 Video Recording in Progress throughout Premises.


An over lock will be put on Renter’s rental space until charge is paid.  


  • 56 Self Storage is not responsible for any items left outside of units and or unattended.  

  • Renters may only have one padlock on their unit, saving space on hasp for 56 Self Storage Center over lock if necessary.

  • Renters may not leave their rented unit unlocked.

  • Renters purchase their own padlock for rented unit.

  • 56 Self Storage Center does not hold spare key to renter's padlock.

  • 56 Self Storage will cut renter's lock off, by renter's written request, if needed for a charge of $20.00.



Renters in the Warehouse Storage Units need to sign in and out when visiting their rented units.


Thank you for your cooperation. It is imperative to 56 Self Storage Center to provide a safe and courteous environment.

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